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Meaningful Strategy with Effective Change

Strategies alone can not change your business. Leadership and alignment are essential, for successful change throughout the organization.

Strategies must be concise, unambiguous, visible and believable.

This is essential, if there are to be changes in the processes and methods used by managers and staff within the organization.

  • Concise, means that they should be clearly expressed in simple language that can be understood by all.
  • Unambiguous, means they must be free of contradictions that may remain unresolved from senior management debates.
  • Visible, means they should be readily accessible and freely communicated within the organization.
  • Believable, means that executive commitment needs to be clear and demonstrated through informal as well as formal communication.
A useful format of strategy, vision and mission can help, if pragmatically created with commitment.

Making Change.

Successful change management requires people to change their practices. It is unlikely that people themselves will change, unless their perceptions of what's required of them have! This requires an internalized change not an external one. So acceptance is essential.
Hence, efforts to create change must focus strongly on communication. So you need a strategy, planning and change approach that incorporates communications.

Communication - is essential, so that everyone understands company direction and they can support it.

Principles of operation - so that for the processes that exist it is clear why they exist, what they produce and how they are measured measured.

Change Anchors - to make changes stick.

Knowing leads inexorably to improvement. BDQ Home Page
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