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Unique Approaches and Methods
Critical Path to Delivery
We succinctly define the business flow - with a map that defines the critical steps for delivering to your market (typically, 7 to 9 major steps).
Then we define the modified business process that supports the way you want to work. This is the Critical Path to Delivery.
Principles of Operation
Activities must produce focused, value added, deliverables. These deliverables and their success criteria are the Principles of Operation.
Know what you do, why you do it and whether you do it effectively!

Change Anchors - Making changes stick
Mechanisms (Change Anchors) to keep changes in place.
Change is tough to achieve, and even tougher to retain. Hence, B.D.Q. introduces methods and tools that facilitate and simplify the adoption of improvements, in order to get the job done.
The methods and tools we promote, Change Anchors, enable organizations to gain better control over critically important, yet often weak, processes.

Skills Transfer
Changes need to be introduced quickly and effectively. To minimize the learning curve, to get the change in place fast and to make sure it is really understood, a skills transfer approach is useful. Following education on the change, someone who knows the "new way" assists the recipient for the first 2 or 3 tries.

Management Control Points
At Management Control Points, information and decisions, with respect to the vision and goals need to be made.
These Management Control Points help you know your methods are measured, followed and work.

It is too easy to think we can change our people - have a shot at this with your spouse - it just doesn't work.
Instead we must change peoples' perceptions - of what's needed and of how it should be done.

A brief document, the Company Handbook encapsulates the business clearly and concisely. It can become a powerful marketing tool, a new employee briefing and an effective internal communications vehicle.

Knowing leads inexorably to improvement. BDQ Home Page
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